How It Works

We work with teams and groups to remove the walls that prevent people from working together effectively. All of our services are designed to be very engaging, using design-thinking methodologies and agile processes to move teams quickly forward. We provide organizations with the structure and tools needed for teams to truly collaborate and get the job done. We will make your meetings more productive and accelerate the decision making process, saving your organization time, money, and frustration.

All of our services can be delivered remotely or in-person. Let us work with you to create your path forward, together.


Delivering Excellence

Design Sprints

Follow a 3 to 5 day process proven and made popular by Google Ventures to solve problems and quickly test new ideas. Work with a small team to rapidly develop prototypes and put them in the hands of real users for valuable feedback. Immersive experience where a team collaborates, focuses, and makes progress on a problem or idea using design thinking methods in rapid succession.

Strategic Doing™

A lean and agile process to accelerate implementation for organizations that are uncertain about the next steps they should take or feel stuck in their strategic plan. By producing rapid-fire strategic action plans, Strategic Doing™ moves existing plans to new levels of performance by designing innovative solutions that create shared value. It is a strategy discipline that is lean, agile, and fast—just what businesses, civic organizations, universities, communities, and regions need to survive and thrive.

Lightning Decision Jam

Align your team around strategic decisions in as little as 2-3 hours through a clear and engaging process that replaces open, unstructured discussion. Can be used to make decisions, solve problems, discuss challenges, and prioritize next steps. An easy way to make faster decisions and find quick direction on a critical problem, idea, or opportunity.

Events & Workshops

Design-thinking experiences that help understand challenges and concerns, design strategic and innovative solutions, and create something new. This systematic approach to problem-solving’s value lies in a bias towards action that aligns your team around shared purpose and moves them forward together. Using prototyping and testing, teams learn and improve while implementing critical solutions.

Virtual Experiences

Utilize a digital workspace that allows teams to design together remotely. Using a variety of tools, such as sticky notes and diagrams, we facilitate impactful meetings and workshops that utilize design thinking and agile methodologies to solve important problems. Virtual experiences connect distributed teams, increase productivity, lead to faster decision making, and increase employee engagement.


Bring your team together for an engaging and hands on training workshop where participants will learn design-thinking and problem-solving techniques that can be immediately incorporated into your team and organization.